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Can I upgrade the XOGO Mini 2 device to a XOGO Mini 2b?
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Yes! The XOGO Mini 2 and XOGO Mini 2b are based on the same RPi4 single board design. Follow the instructions below to upgrade your device or simply buy a new SD card with the upgrade included! Here: Mini 2b Upgrade Card


Manual upgrade:


Although the XOGO Mini 2 and XOGO Mini 2b automatically upgrade within their version, jumping to the 2b firmware requires an SD card flash. Thankfully, the process is easy!


Upgrade steps:


  1. Delete the player you plan to upgrade from XOGO Manager. The player will need to be added back later so remember the player name and playlist assigned
  2. Remove the SD card:
  3. Download Balena Etcher:
  4. Download latest XOGO Mini 2b Firmware:
  5. Unzip firmware and use Etcher to burn image on the SD card. You will need an SD card reader in your computer or you can buy one for around $5 USD
  6. Put the SD card back in the XOGO Mini and boot. The first boot is longer than normal
  7. Join the XOGO Mini back to your account by following the on-screen instructions
  8. Re-assign playlist


Congratulations! You are now running the XOGO Mini 2b!

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