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What if I need to factory reset my XOGO Mini (version 1)?
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ALERT: The original Mini 1 device has gone into end of life. It has been an amazing device for XOGO. However, the underlying operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft and the chipset is no longer supported by Qualcomm. As a result XOGO is limited in our ability to deliver updates. Please feel free to continue to use the device with this in mind. If you are looking to upgrade please visit:




If your XOGO Mini 1 (metal case version only) should become corrupted for some reason and not work correctly, you can perform a factory reset to correct the issue.


1. Open XOGO Manager and delete the device from your list of players.

2. Power cycle the device three times. Unplug the Mini and plug it back in, wait until the Ria logo goes away, and then unplug the player again.  

3. On the 4th time, let the device boot all the way, and it will perform a factory reset. The recovery may take 5-10 minutes.

4. At first boot after recovery wait for 2 minutes minimum.

5. Restart the device.

6. Your player is ready.


If your device has an internet connection over ethernet, it will display the XOGO screen with QR code / PIN code, and you can add it back into XOGO Manager. If internet over ethernet is not available, your device will go into Bluetooth configuration receive mode.

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