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Why does all of my scheduled content go into a single playlist?
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It may seem odd but there are actually several reasons why all of your content goes into a single playlist, as opposed to having the player switch between different playlists:    


a) With XOGO your playlist gets cached on your player, so your graphics and videos keep playing even if your player loses Internet connectivity  


b) Since all of your content is in a single playlist, this means that even if you lose connectivity, your scheduled content will still work properly and play at the right days/times. Other systems can't do that.  


c) Since your player isn't downloading different playlists all day long, you don't use much bandwidth - this is very important for customers that have their players connected to LTE modems! 


Of course if you want to, you can set up multiple playlists and change them manually in XOGO Manager whenever you want. But our system allows you to truly "set it and forget it" so you can rest assured that your content is playing in the right place at the right time, even if your Internet connection is dodgy.

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