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How does Realtime mode work?
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Realtime mode is a very unique feature of XOGO Decision Signage. It allows you to immediately override whatever is currently playing on your media player (digital sign) with other content -even hidden content- in your playlist. For instance you can have a normal "attract" playlist playing all day, then pull out your tablet or phone in order to interrupt the display and show off blueprints, tech specs, product videos... even give a presentation!


To use Realtime mode just select "Realtime" from the app menu or click the blue "Realtime" button when you're in the Player view.  As long as both devices are internet connected (your XOGO player and the device upon which you're using XOGO Manager), you can jump right into Realtime mode on any of your players at any time.

Realtime mode allows you to interrupt your screens and play any content from your playlist.


Items can even be set as "hidden" in your playlist so they will only appear when you use Realtime mode.

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