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How can I connect XOGO Mini to a WiFi network with a hidden SSID?

There is an easy workaround. Just set up a mobile hotspot (i.e. on your iPhone or Android) with the same SSID and password pair. Then connect the player to this network in order to save credentials onto the XOGO Mini. Now you can shut down your hotspot, and the player will be able to communicate using the same SSID/pa…

How do I connect my XOGO Mini 2 to a different WiFi network?

Note: These instructions apply to the [XOGO Mini 2][1] only. To change the WiFi network on the Mini 2 you just need to connect a keyboard to the device. Plug in a USB keyboard, press ctrl+shift+R and your Mini 2 should reboot. (If it doesn’t reboot it means that the keyboard is not talking to the Mini 2 so please re-…

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