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Can I manage multiple players across different locations?
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Absolutely!  XOGO is cloud-based so you can manage an unlimited number of players from the XOGO Manager app, whether they are across the building or across the globe.  Your players just need to be Internet-connected (WiFi or ethernet) so they can connect to the cloud and receive the playlist updates that you make in XOGO Manager.  


You can set up an unlimited number of playlists, so if you have a number of players they can all be running the same playlist or completely different playlists.  Please see our Getting Started page for instructions and a video that shows you how to set up XOGO in about 90 seconds.  


Tip: if you'd like to set up a free demo, just download both of our apps (XOGO Manager and XOGO Player) on the same Windows 10 PC and you can run them side-by-side to see how they work.  Then once you're ready to ready to order Mini 4k's and set up your signs, you can have them up and running in seconds.  Thanks for checking out XOGO!


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