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I'm having problems uploading my videos.
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The most common issues are with video length and codecs.  Please note that in the free version of XOGO you are limited to videos no more than one minute in duration; with a paid subscription you can upload and play videos up to five minutes in duration.  If your videos are longer than this, they will need to be cropped before uploading to XOGO Manager.


The other (less common) issue is with video codecs.  We support MOV and MP4 videos that are rendered with the common H.264 codec.  If you are attempting to upload videos rendered with another codec (i.e. ProRes4444) you will see an error. In this case you can simply re-render your videos with the H.264 codec using your video editor or -in case you didn't create the video originally- use a free application called Handbrake to re-encode them. Let us know if that works!

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