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Can you tell me about XOGO Mini's security features?
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The XOGO Mini is a highly secured appliance. Under the covers, XOGO runs a locked down version of Linux, providing a small attack surface as a “purpose-built” embedded device. All unnecessary services have been disabled and the only way to interact with the XOGO Mini is via the XOGO Manager app and a limited set of API calls. 


Updates are very small due to the unique nature of the minimalist Alpine core. XOGO further secures the devices through controlled updates. The USB ports on the XOGO Mini have been disabled for content deployment. All content deployed to XOGO Players must pass through the XOGO Cloud and associated authentication. 


Fast Facts:

a) The Mini is a purpose-built media player appliance that can only run the XOGO Player app

b) It runs a minimalist purpose built Alpine build as the underlying OS: there's no desktop and the device updates automatically

c) Content can only be changed via the cloud using our XOGO Manager app (content can’t be hacked by USB drive)

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